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    Pet Feeder 

    The Problem:
    If you are lazy like me and my friends or forget every time to feed the cat or the dog than you are in the right blog.I have one more question before to start.Have you ever gone to a far away and cannot take your sweetheart (pet) with you?This was the problem of my friends.They have to go to Ireland but they have 3 cats.This is a big problem and i will show you the decision.

    The decision:

    To feed your pet from distance.For example if you have abroad can fill the tank and feed it through the website. The food in the tank will go for 1-2 months.Through the camera will be able to see the animal and seeing if there is a problem with the feeder.


    1 x Water bottle 10L    price: 3-4 
    1 x hc-sr04 ultrasonic sensor  price: 1-3€ 
    1 x servo motor 9g  price:3-4€ 


    1 x raspberry pi 3 kit

    Guys i recommend you to buy the kit because you will have supply and sd 16GB card for your raspberry pi + the raspberry pi 3  for only $64.99.The price of the raspberry pi 3 normally is approximately 40-45$.I will show you two options with the kit and only raspberry (if you have normal supply (smartphone supply) and sd card more than 4 GB).
    Option one with the kit: HERE
    Option two only raspberry pi 3 : HERE

    1 x normal USB camera price: 1-10€ 
    1 x trash bucket price: 1-5€ 
    2 x small pipes
    1 x pipe knee 45 degrees
    1 x disc (like DVD disc or CD disc (no matter what because it will shred))
    2 x resistor 10Kohm
    Soldering iron
    Hot glue

     How to make it

    Set up the raspberry pi

    Firstly you have to set up your raspberry pi.You can found how HERE
    Sorry guys this indian explain very well but have annoying indian accent.

    The schematic

    Here you can see how to connect the servo and the sensor.Leave long servo cables.They have to be long like 40-45 cm.The sensor cables have to approximately 20-30 cm.
    You have to connect one more thing.The USB camera in the USB port.

    Test Codes

    You have to start test codes if you wanna see if something is disconnected and if everything works.
    Sensor test code : HERE 
    Servo test code: HERE

    The construction 

    Use the pipes as the feet of our stand (bucket).The pipes have to be around 50 cm.the pipes propped on the ground go to the bucket and pass through holes in the four diagonal on the bottom of the bucket .And enter in the bucket.The pipes inside the bucket grip screws to it. Cut the bottom of the bottle.You must pierce a hole in the bottom of the trash and put the bottle upside down there.You can stabilize the bottle with something to sit still.
    The bottle will use it as a reservoir for food.There we will put the food.The bucket will play a role to stand the bottle.The pipes are the feet of the construction.

    Something similar is to be obtained.
    The construction have distance from the floor because have 4 feet.
    We will use this distance to put the pipe knee 45 degrees.

    In this pipe knee the food will run to the bowl.This pipe should go on the neck of the bottle to be fed from the bottom of the bucket.You have to put the servo and the disk at the front of the knee.there should be two positions open and closed. 

    Open is like a hole in the pipe and is the food falls. Closed when the disk covers the opening of the pipe and the food does not fall.

    Demo Program

            If you did everything by now it's time to get up and running.The program is so designed that in this program the microcontroller monitors the status of the feeder and hosted website.You'll be able to feed your animals with a single click and watch them online. In real time if there is food for them and whether they eat their food.

    Firstly download the demo program from HERE
    Put the program on the desktop of the raspberry pi 3.To run the program you have to open the file with the name -- streaming-site.desktop.If you see this then everything works.

              In the place of our IP ( have to  be your IP.You can open your site as you open the browser (can be chrome) and write the ip of your site.The ip will be like When you open the site you will see this.The site is hosted by your ip.

               The name of this feeder is 24 catchen. You can change it in the folder templates in the html file.This is the first header.The distance of the sensor  indicates whether there is food in the container (bottle).If the distance is approximately 21-23 than you do not have food in the container.You have to put food the container.Тhe container you can put 10 kilograms of food which is enough for your cat or dog for the next one or two months. Depending on the diet of the animal.If the distance is less than 20 cm then you have enough food in the feeder.If you click on the button Manual Close the food won't fall  from the feeder.If you click on the button Proceed 3 times the feeder will release three small doses of food which will be enough for your pet.Through the camera you can see if your pet eats and whether you feed him.You can also see if there are bugs in the machine.


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