• Remote control cockroaches

    Attempts to remote control of live cockroaches through their nervous system 

    Schematics of neural mapping of discoid cockroaches and responses to stimulation of some ganglia

    In the first picture is  the location of the first thoracic ganglion and in the second picture is the placement of two electrodes for localized stimulation in discoid roaches.

      The main principe of working is that you have one transmitter and one receiver.The receiver is connected to the ganglion of the cockroach.From the transmitter you send a signal to the receiver where you want your cockroach to move.When the receiver has this signal just put some voltage impulses to the electrodes and they directly to the ganglion.I made so much experiment to understand the full concept of it because was 2015 and in the internet was no so much information about that. Most of my experiments were online in my last blog and most of them are deleted.Most of my work in this project is deleted or lost.

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    Colorblind - Dalton

    This one of the biggest project that i am working on it.

    Dalton is software allowing people with different kinds of color blindness (colour vision deficiency) to see more colors.

    Dalton provides solutions to some of the everyday problems experienced by colour blind people. People with various types of colour deficiency could benefit from the use of Dalton software including those affected by Tritanopia (blue colour vision deficiency), Deuteranopia (green), Protanopia (red).


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